Server Status Client Updated Progress Notes Launch
Open Custer 05/15/2019 Delivered

Site delivered with some questions on 5/15/19

Open Crosby-Ironton Courier 05/3/2019 Delivered

Site delivered to client.

Open Wolf River Media 05/15/2019 R.T.L.

Waiting on classifieds and paywall stuff.

Launching A.I. 04/24/2019 R.T.L.

Maybe launch soon?

On Hold Mid-Am 1 04/24/2019 Waiting

Waiting on client to move forward

Suspended San Juan Record 04/24/2019 Delivered

Archives imported. Waiting on client.

Suspended Moab Times 04/24/2019 R.T.L.

Archives imported. Waiting on client.

Suspended The Pilot News 05/2/2019 Waiting

Likely leaving us.