Server Status Client Updated Progress Notes Launch
Active Horizon 01/27/2017 Base Programming

Drupal 8 Base Programming

Active Free Press Newspapers 02/14/2017 Base Programming

Base programming in progress. Livingston Template

Active Cumberland 02/16/2017 Initial Site Configurations

Configs in progress. Need info on classifieds, webforms to be configured.

Active MN South News 01/19/2017 Base Programming

Migration to Drupal 7 (base programming in progress).

Active The Antrim Review 02/15/2017 Test Site Delivered

Test site delivered to client.

Open Minneota Mascot 02/21/2017 Training Completed

Training completed.
Received first round of changes. Completed them. Waiting for client.
1/13/17 Test site delivered to client

Open Modern Molosser 01/24/2017 Test Site Delivered

Have some clarrifications.

Launching Cashmere Valley Record 02/15/2017 Base Programming

Clone Site

Launching Leavenworth Echo 02/15/2017 Base Programming

Clone site

Launching Lake Chelan Mirror 02/15/2017 Test Site Delivered

Clone site

Launching QC Herald 01/23/2017 Test Site Delivered

First of like 5 sites, I think.

Launching Wenatchee 02/15/2017 Base Programming

Clone Leavenworth

On Hold Paynesville Press 12/6/2016 Training Completed

Been making changes to site as they come in.

On Hold Rekindled 12/6/2016 Base Programming

Base Programming

On Hold Central Dakota 01/13/2017 Test Site Delivered

On 1/6/17 - Emailed client with link to test site. Have not heard back.
Putting up what we had. (1/5/17)

Suspended Addison Independent 12/6/2016 Test Site Delivered

Delivered to client. No answer.

Suspended Thomas Publishing 12/6/2016 Test Site Delivered

Waiting on client for content.

Suspended ANA News - Marion Star 12/6/2016 Test Site Delivered

Wrote Lindsey asking for contact person and info

Suspended Starkville Test Site 11/11/2016